How to Get Everyday Happiness
have you ever known someone who has genuine happiness every day of their life? If so, you might be wondering what their secret is and how you might be able to have this kind of happiness in your own life.  After all, the primary motive behind all of our desires is happiness.
Whether it is the desire for a leaner and healthier body, a great relationship, good friends, a better career, more money or anything else, happiness is what we want more 
than anything. Believe it or not, everyday happiness is easier than you might think ... 
The Present: The Gift of Happiness
 Before you can accomplish everyday happiness, you must learn to be happy in the present. The present is the only time that you can ever be happy, and that's never going to change. Even when you're remembering the past or imagining the future, you're still 
living in the present. 
Too many people believe that they'll be happy when: their kids graduate from high school; they pay off their house; they get out of debt; they buy a new house; they get a 
different job ... blah, blah, blah. 
Sure, there might be things in your life which will make it easier for you to be happy. But if you're not getting into the habit of being happy in the present, then you'll still have problems being happy, even when ___ happens. 
The future is only real when it becomes the present, and as soon as it does, you'll be living it according to the same habits which you're forming right now. Again, happiness can only happen here and now. If you're not already committing yourself to being happy in the present, it's time to do so. 
Practicing Happiness 
Happiness is more of a habit than it is anything else, and the only way to form a habit is through consistent practice. Too often, we think that if we have to practice happiness 
it won't be real. This might be true, but if you practice it for long enough, it will start becoming a genuine part of your character, and eventually it will become real. 
There are three ways to begin practicing and developing the habit of happiness: 
1. Gratitude 
The more thankful you are, the easier it will be for you to be happy with what you already have in your life. If you look at someone who is unhappy, most of the time it's because they're expecting something that they don't already have in their lives. This keeps them from being happy with what they have because it keeps them from being thankful. 
Ungratefulness is probably the leading cause of unhappiness, and all of us fall into this habit sometimes. However, the more that you practice gratitude in your life, the less ungratefulness will be able to rob you of your joy. 
2. Laughter 
It's very difficult to laugh and to be unhappy for long. In fact, laughter is probably the most powerful cure for unhappiness. 
A great comedian once said that if you can laugh at something you can get through it. This is because laughter takes the edge off of something and helps you to clear your mind of worry and anxiety. 
But what if you don't feel like laughing? Well, that's the great thing about laughter ... it can happen whether you feel like it or not. It's completely spontaneous, uncontrollable and wonderful. Keep a collection of funny movies or recordings of your favorite comedians, and make laughter a part of your lifestyle. 
3. Purpose and Growth 
The leading cause of emotional pain and unhappiness is a feeling that your life lacks purpose and that you're not growing. Everyone needs something in their life that provides them with a sense of purpose and growth. If you don't have this, it will be impossible for you to develop the habit of happiness. With a strong source of purpose and growth in your life, happiness will become an easy habit to form. 
TIP: Sit down and ask yourself what you can start doing today to pursue a greater sense of purpose in your life ... something which will challenge you to grow. Come up with a plan of action and get started on it today.
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